I help companies and professionals to boost their business with the fastest services in the world...

...even if you hate technology and it's the first time you've heard of Digital Transformation.

Marco De Tomasi

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I develop Web products and services useful for Digital Evolution

I have energy, flexibility and only one mission: to help each client in the digital transformation using the best technologies, thus exploiting the full potential of the web. This is De Tomasi.

I have a design vision for each intervention: I don’t limit myself to developing latest generation websites or managing online advertising campaigns capable of giving excellent results. But with data analysis I build strategies to increase sales and reduce waste.

I guide your company in the digital evolutionary path.

Evolve with Digital

Have you standardized your business processes? Have you automated your business?

With digital you can improve quality, increase sales and reduce waste.

My services will make you achieve the goals you have set.

It’s getting harder and harder to get noticed.

With sophisticated digital marketing, I ensure that new customers and buyers are able to find your business.

Two words about me

I believe that digital evolution is the most beautiful art form that we web developers use to express ourselves.

In fact, you must know that thanks to the development of new technologies I have found the highest expression of my creativity. I create to live and to have fun.

I’m a Web developer, professional and entrepreneur, specializing in the digitization of companies.

My team and I work on the technological evolution of customers by overcoming competitors.

I am an investor and founder of Bappeleros, ManTyres, Pecunia Trading, QueRabbit, MiBillet and many other digital companies. I have worked on projects of large companies, small and medium enterprises, entrepreneurs, professionals and startups.

That said, I’ve never worn a tie and just got out of the office.

Most read articles on my Blog

    What am I making…

    My dream is to create the largest movement of innovators who believe in digital transformation and technological evolution.


    Allowing anyone to use the internet and technology to the max for digital solutions capable of speeding up and refining business processes, data analysis and marketing strategies. The aim is to evolve effectively and quickly.


    Become the leading expert in User Experience analysis and design on sites and mainly for web applications. I am committed to improving the productivity and business strength of my clients.

    Digital Transformation

    The technology you’ve always dreamed of is closer than you think. It is your responsibility to reach it, conquer it and live it.

    No one else can do it for you and to achieve this you need the fundamental tools to speed up and standardize your company’s processes.

    Think about it: How much time and money can you save with custom, anywhere-accessible software?

    Any company has repetitive processes, some use only human labor for production processes, there are those that only do offline marketing and hope for word of mouth, others that sell products only from physical stores and those that still assist all customers only in the shop, with long phone calls or large email exchanges.

    Companies that are overtaken by increasingly fierce competitors every day.

    This happens due to the habit of satisfying the customer first and then thinking about the evolution of the company.

    The customer is not the point of arrival, he is the means and the energy to evolve you and your company.

    For this reason, digital transformation is important with technological, organizational and managerial changes regardless of the sector in which you operate.

    Only in this way can you earn to invest as you wish and have more time for what you love.

    Digital transformation is in everyday life.

    Try to think about technology the same way you think about your fitness and health.

    If you can decide to eat healthy and play sports, you can also choose to get fit from a technological point of view.

    Are you digitizing your company?

    In everyday work it is difficult to find the time to digitize your company. How many times have you thought “it’s not possible, it’s too complicated” or “if they haven’t already done it, there will be a reason”.

    Owning customized software and technologies is important, it means working at maximum power and in a professional way.

    But what are the most common needs of companies?

    • Increase sales: have more and more customers, understand their needs, build customer loyalty in the long term, find the strategies to use for marketing.
    • Reduce business costs: eliminate all waste, optimize manpower, methods and machinery, then evolve and scale the business organization.
    • Improving quality: both product/service and collaborative, a team that takes on new challenges with enthusiasm and creates new products and better services.

    To satisfy these needs, the solution is to go digital.

    Browse the site to find out more. A good starting point is the MY WORKS, where you can start your digital transformation.