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I'm Marco

I help companies, entrepreneurs and professionals to achieve extraordinary goals. I am a knight of change. Business is my sword, ethics my guide, Bappeleros are my people.

The Secret of Change
is not Fighting the Old
but Building the New.

In technology I have found the highest expression of my creativity and I also want to confess that I have started developing my technological ideas since I was 5 years old. I create to live and to have fun. I am a professional Web developer and entrepreneur. I specialize in the digitization of companies. My team and I work on the technological evolution of customers by overcoming competitors. I have worked on projects for large companies, small and medium-sized companies, entrepreneurs, professionals and startups.

My big dream.

My dream is to see companies that grow so well and above all I want them to enter into relationships with each other so much as to create that network of companies that today is missing in Italy.

Behind a product or service there is a person capable of creating something that we can define as value.

Creating value is my main motivation.

I am an entrepreneur and I use the most modern skills to innovate. The same ones that allow every company to do its job well and above all to create value.

I am a character capable of bringing out all my skills to support the people who collaborate with me in order to achieve a dream.

This dream is not only mine but collects the dream of a lot of other people.

What do I believe

I want to define myself as a beacon that sheds light and illuminates my territory and that of collaborators, suppliers, customers and companies that are part of my sphere.

I love being in communication with other realities.

I have noble goals, with healthy, ecological and revolutionary principles. I create and deliver value to society.

I made a change and decided to increase my management skills. I have decided to field a noble purpose, I have no collaborators but allies. Value in and value out.

Only a network of companies, a set of companies is capable of creating invaluable value.

I Drop Everything And I Open A Chiringuito

I haven’t exactly opened a chiringuito on the beach, but the story is similar and it more or less went like this…

I decided to take a trip to Spain to stay only 5 days and ended up staying in the Iberian Peninsula. I gave up my job as an employee and my family in Italy to enjoy my trip to the Spanish cities.

I also wrote a article about it in my blog.

I am very proud of my adventure and of the choices I have made, because after almost a year as an employee I have decided to pursue a different personal career.

I’m a Web Developer and what I love to do is improve other people’s lives with highly digitized technological products and services.

Instead of opening a chiringuito on some Spanish island, I decided to open an IT company, I founded Detotech, a Software House, which develops digital products and provides consultancy for software customization.

I contribute to the value of society with my products and services.